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~ Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art, September 2014

2016 Year End Report from Myanmar

by Kaythi Win Aung, GCSF Myanmar representative, Inle Lake

New mother and baby receive supplies.“In 2016, GCSF Myanmar started the Mobile Library Project in eight villages of Inle Lake with 1 librarian and 1 boat driver. We’ve completed three house buildings: one in Kan Khaung village donated by Butterfield & Robinson, one in Hsee Hsone Village donated by Mr. Robert Foust, and one in Hsee Hsone village donated by Butterfield & Robinson.

We visited Ban Pyin Primary School, Paw Myar Primary School, Mya Thein Tan Preschool, Naung Taw Lae Chay Preschool, and Kan Hla Preschool to make sure all the schools are running well. During our visits, we provided nutrition and snacks for the children and teachers.

Our ongoing support for two Preschools, Mobile library and Women Outreach Program continues successfully.

    1. Mya Thien Tan Preschool. GCSF has continued regular support for the teachers’ salary and nutrition. The school is running very well with around 28 students, two teachers, one cleaning staff and one night guard. The brick fence donated by Mrs. Priscilla Clapp is finished with the help of the School Committee. All the children are healthy, happy, strong and cute.
    2. Naung Taw Lae Chay Preschool.The school is running well with around 16 students and two teachers. GCSF is continuing regular support for the teachers’ salaries.
    3. Kan Hla Preschool. The Preschool opened in July 2015 and is running well with two preschool teachers and 18 students. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Schafer for providing this chance to our children, especially for the very beginning education of their lives. We should consider supporting the teachers’ salaries and nutrition, as the teachers are not getting a proper salary so far.
    4. Paw Myar Primary School. The school opening was in June 2015. The school is running very well with 28 students and two teachers. The school doesn’t get Government support yet and the School Committee has to take care of the teachers’ salaries on their own.
    5. Ban Pyin Primary School. Ban Pyin Primary school is currently running with 27 students and five teachers. We visited the school in August and saw the headmistress and the teachers. The school runs very well under the management of the good headmistress and Government support.
    6. Women Outreach Program (WOP) in Inle. The program is running well with three midwives and one boat driver. Currently they go to the villages every Wednesday to Sunday. This year seems less of a challenge with the mothers as they understand more and listen to the midwives. Once they get referred to the hospital by a midwife, most of the mothers listen and go to the hospital. This year so far the midwives have taken care of 200 pregnant women, 243 children, 435 mothers and necessary care for old people.These three midwives and boat driver will retire at the end of December 2016 so we have hired three new midwives and one boat driver. The midwives are Daw Ohn Tin, 64 years old ( Midwife from Taung Poht Nee Village), Daw Kyi Kyi Hnaung, 45 years old ( Auxiliary Midwife from Hsee Hsone Village ), Daw Win Tin, 42 years old ( Auxiliary Midwife from Hart Pone Village )and the new boat driver is U Aung Phay Than, 47 years old from Yae Tan Village.The new midwives are very energetic, have lots of work experience, and are respected women in the villages. They joined the WOP Program on December 1, 2016 for a smooth transition from the current midwives. The new team of WOP Inle will be ready by January 2017.Every week-end the WOP Program and the Mobile Library Project are together. We’ll introduce some new villages in 2017, especially those in the Southern part of Inle Lake.

      For that to happen, I went to meet the chief of each village (Hsee Sone Village, Magyi Hseik Village, Lwae Maw Village and Hart Pone Village) to find out their needs and to let them arrange the place for our midwives.

    7. Women Outreach Program (WOP) in Ayetharyar township. This program is run every Saturday by two midwives, five nurse aides, and one registration clerk. The program is running well and this year we have five sets of twins. We’re giving monthly nutrition support for them as the mothers cannot provide sufficient breast milk for the twins. We’re also providing medicine, nutrition, and baby soaps. During our visit, we shared socks both for the children and mothers. We visit the WOP Program in Ayetharyar often to make sure both the midwives and mothers are okay and happy. So far this year WOP Ayetharyar has treated 202 pregnant women and 77 children.
    8. Golden Girls Prosperity Clinic. The clinic is run every Monday to Friday by one doctor, two midwives, five nurse aides, one registration clerk, one cleaning staff, and one night guard. General care has been provided for 9,117 cases. These cases include: 1,529 for skin infections, 163 for diarrhea, and 7,425 for other reasons.
    9. Mobile Library Project. This project, named My First Library, started in January 2016. We hired one librarian and one boat driver to take care of the books and to go around the villages. The Mobile Library now goes to eight villages around Inle Lake on the week-ends. We purchased a variety of books and one boat painted colorfully to attract the children. The Mobile Library usually stops at the gathering house or the monastery and everybody comes there to read the books. We let the children rent two books at each visit.Our purpose for the children is not only to love reading but also to gain more knowledge. We do some activities and play games together with the children whenever we pay a visit. For that we bought some supporting tools such as stationery gifts and bags with “My First Library” written on them. We share candies with all the readers and they love our presents while enjoying reading.The children are very happy to have a chance to read the books at their villages. The parents, the Head of the villages and the children appreciate this project and they thank the donors.
    10. House Building. We built three houses this year. GCSF Board members and GCSF Headquarters staff attended a House Dedication during their visit in December. There are still many poor families needing help with new houses. If we have the opportunity, we should continue house building projects.

To sum up, 2016 was a successful year for GCSF in Myanmar. We donated three family houses, started the Mobile Library Project, navigated team changes for the Women’s Outreach Program on Inle Lake, visited the Preschools and Primary Schools supported by GCSF, and helped nuns displaced by war with buying sandals, plates, and mosquito nets.

Nway Nway and I are proud to be a part of the team and happy for our achievements. Hope GCSF is still going strong to help more and to fulfill the needs of our people.”