Board of Directors

Global Community Service Foundation is led by a proactive Board of Directors whose members have traveled to Southeast Asia and have witnessed firsthand the far-reaching needs of the region’s under-served people. In November 2015, the Board traveled together to visit GCSF’s projects in Viet Nam and Myanmar. Read the trip summary and see the photos.

Board members also have witnessed the many positive changes brought about by Global Community Service Foundation’s support and its creation of a growing culture of self-reliance in communities throughout Viet Nam and Myanmar.

The Board comprises a diverse group of individuals who possess a wide array of life experiences and professional skills, bringing together unique interests and deep-rooted passions for Southeast Asia and community service. Its members provide a strong pillar for the organization and its programs. Additionally, its special advisors and its U.S. and international staff have been invaluable to Global Community Service Foundation’s development and successes.

Marcia Selva
Founder and Board Chair
Fairfax, Virginia

Arnold Feld
North Salem, New York

Lynn Feld
North Salem, New York

Finn Torgrimsen Longinotto
Washington, D.C.

Hoa Nguyen
Germantown, MD

Richard H. Paul
Vernon Hills, IL

Robert (Bob) J. Vitillo, MSW
Geneva, Switzerland

Stephen Waller MD
Washington, D.C.