Teaching English

Girl and teacher read together.


Dong Ha, Quang Tri


Working with our partners at Trung Vuong School, Hung Vuong School, Quang Tri Handicapped School, Dong Ha English Club we launched a program that invites native English speakers to help Vietnamese students build English language conversational schools. With these skills, students who would otherwise not have this exposure to native English speakers are better skilled to compete for top positions in Universities and jobs in Viet Nam’s larger cities.

In addition to building English language skills, these interactions have become a channel of cultural exchange.


GCSF sends volunteers and partners of our organization to schools in Quang Tri to work alongside Vietnamese students building conversational English skills. As part of the two way street of cross cultural exchange that is inherit to this program, volunteers and partners write reports throughout and after their program on valuable insights and lessons learned from their participation.


This program has helped over 1,400 primary and secondary students build English Language skills with the generous help over 15 teachers.



  • 650 students at Trung Vuong School
  • 750 students at Hung Vuong school
  • five teachers at Quang Tri Handicapped School
  • 40 members of the Dong Ha English Club
  • 30 staff of Quang Tri Department of Foreign Affairs


  • school administrators
  • Quang Tri Department of Foreign Affairs
  • families of the direct beneficiaries