Khe Sanh Community Libraries

Students reading at the Khe Sanh School Library.


Khe Sanh Town, Pa Nho Village, Thanh Commune, Quang Tri Province, Viet Nam


No library existed in the rural mountainous area in western Quang Tri Province and hundreds of disadvantaged ethnic minority children did not have access to books or computers. The Principal of the Khe Sanh Main School , home of 722 students, had set up a temporary library in a classroom but the number of books were limited and the learning materials made it hard for students and teachers to access the information they needed. GCSF decided to do something about this.


GCSF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with key stakeholders including the People’s Committees of Quang Tri Province, Huong Hoa District, and Khe Sanh Town and then launched the project. A library was constructed in Phase I. Throughout construction, GCSF closely inspected all aspects to ensure that the quality of construction met GCSF’s and national standards. Local authorities and GCSF held a dedication ceremony to sign final documents, celebrated the new facility and honored and thanked the donors. Phase I was complete. However, ethnic minority children in nearby communities had little access to the facility due to limited transportation. Under Phase II, books, bookshelves, reading lamps, reading table and chairs and a computer was provided to a satellite school at Pa Nho. Books were purchased and the satellite library was underway. Under the current Phase III, GCSF will provide books and bookshelves to 10 classrooms in rural primary schools in the neighboring Thanh Commune. In addition, money is being raised to provide educational scholarships for the most needy children in Pa Nho Village.


With the help of GCSF, Khe Sanh School successfully built a new library. The new library now houses over 10,000 books and 5 computers; materials which provide research and learning opportunities to over 750 students and teachers. The Pa Nho Satellite School now has a furnished library with books and a computer.



  • 722 students
  • 48 teachers
  • staff in Khe Sanh Primary School and the Pa Nho School
  • an additional 1,000 students attending outlying schools in the district will have access to a library
  • needy children will be able to access funds to attend school


  • the families of the 1,722 students

Quote symbol.GCSF has helped us a lot. All the donations from them are very useful for our children: a satellite school with full equipment, a library and playground equipment. 760 children are using those things. I’m so happy seeing our kids visiting the library everyday or enjoying their break time at the slide and swing. It’s learning and playing that are all necessary for young school students to develop.
Ms. Vo Thu Huong, Principal of Khe Sanh Primary School

Quote symbol.I like my new school a lot. It’s in a nice location, not being flooded as in the old site. There are books and a cassette player for us to read and learn English. And sometime, we even have foreigners to visit and talk with us. I love going to school everyday.
Ho A Li Sa, an ethnic minority student from Khe Sanh Primary School, talking about the Pa Nho School