Stepping into 2015

End of year appeal. 2015 will be a year of nurturing fresh ventures for the Global Community Service Foundation. While we celebrate the conclusion of some projects in 2014, we look forward to new and expanded ones such as Saving Babies in Central Viet Nam (Helping Babies Breathe) and training local ophthalmic technicians in Viet Nam. Please join in our end of year appeal.

Recent Developments

Playing on the new equipment.Six months after the Bridge Back Group completed the Playground Project in May and it’s still a success. The children and management of the Dong Ha Street Children’s Center are very happy with the playground. Check out these statistics!

  • Daily use by 30 children from the Center.
  • Daily use by 15 children from the neighborhood.
  • Weekly use by 10 hearing-impaired children from the neighbor Handicapped School.
  • Monthly use by young children from different institutions around the city, such as UCMas Center and Quynh Phuong English Center.
  • Children at the Center maintain the playground by cleaning the floors, steps, and swing seats daily.

Charitable donation with a twist . . .

Doors of Hoi AnTreat someone special or even yourself with one of several unique art pieces or with a personalized landscape, while you donate to the Global Community Service Foundation. This is a win/win for everyone, especially those in need in Viet Nam and Myanmar.


Viet Nam

Nguyen Bac Ngoc Primary School.Nguyen Bac Ngoc Primary School Visit
Volunteer Ray Wilkinson and GCSF Advisor Mike Gormalley visited Nguyen Bac Ngoc Primary School on Thursday, September 11, 2014. They visited with the principal, head English teacher and the students. “The students were very polite, interested in learning and enjoyed being with foreigners.” said Mr. Gormalley.

Dong Ha English Club.Dong Ha English Club Celebrates 3rd Anniversary. Dong Ha English club was officially established in July 2011 with more than 20 members. The goal of the Club is to promote English learning and skill sharing among young people in Dong Ha city. The Club members are mostly from local secondary and high schools. The group made friends all over the world via the Club and has become a channel of cultural exchange via interactions with foreigners visiting in Dong Ha. Nearly 40 Club members, GCSF’s representative and volunteers celebrated the 3rd anniversary together on June 28 at Tam’s Cafe.

Khe Sanh School Library dedication.Dedication of the Khe Sanh School Library. The dedication ceremony for the Khe Sanh School Library in Quang Tri was held on February 21. Many people attended the event including: GCSF Board member Col. Al Bergstrom and his family; GCSF staff members Nguyen Xuan Tam and Olivia Fernandes; Mr. Luong Duc Cong, Chairman of People’s Council of Huong Hoa District; Mr. Tran Van Bach, Khe Sanh’s People’s Committee Vice Chairman; Ms. Huong, School Principal; ten teachers; and 20 children. Everyone is very happy with the new Library.

Bergstroms deliver library materials and bikes.Bergstroms deliver bikes and library materials. Thank you to the Bergstrom family for attending the Khe Sanh School Library dedication in Quang Tri and visiting the Tran Hung Dao Secondary School in Cam Lo District and the Dong Ha Street Children Center. They also delivered 15 bicycles to 15 children over the course of the trip. The family enjoyed time with the local students at the English Club meeting at Tam’s Café.


Ban Pyin School and Library Opening.Opening of the Ban Pyin School and Library. A well-attended and lovely opening celebration was held in September. The school was made possible through the generosity of the University of Virginia and the library by Sylvia Fraser-Lu. On behalf of the children and community, thank you!

Beamish and Lund Families.House Building on Inle Lake with the Beamish and Lund Families. “The opportunity to be a part of this very special moment for this family – getting their very first home – was absolutely wonderful.” ~ Heather Beamish. Read and see more of the families’ experience, which occurred in March 2014.

Pilot Expansion of Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies Program From January 18 through 22, 2014, Global Community Service Foundation and special advisors were in the Inle Lake region delivering maternal and child healthcare.  Services included: training for local health care providers, health education for mothers, check-ups and monitoring of expectant mothers and unborn children, distribution of pre-natal vitamins and nutritional supplements, and more.

house construction.GCSF has partnered again with Butterfield & Robinson to construct homes in Inle Lake for families in need. Thirty-six homes have been built over several years because of this partnership between GCSF and Butterfield & Robinson. Thank you to them and to the many voluntourists and donors for providing safe, new homes to hundreds of individuals since 2011. Photo: Ko Sain Family of five.

Learn about the families who have benefited from this partnership.


VolunTourism: Community Service on an International Level

Volunteering in Viet Nam in July

Wahidah Aziz in Dong Ha.From July 19 to 26, Wahidah Aziz volunteered with GCSF in Viet Nam. She worked with Nguyet, the blind teacher from Quang Tri Handicapped School, on conversational English. She took part in the weekly outdoor exchange activities between kids from the Dong Ha Street Children Center and the EIS English Center. Though her time in Viet Nam has ended, she continues to design a curriculum with detailed lesson plans for the Dong Ha Street Children Center. Thank you Wahidah!